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  Campus to Corporate  
“I loved the training program since we were able to link this to our own life. As we are totally new to this corporate world. I am feeling lot more relaxed confident before entering into this work.”
Puneet, DE Shaw
  Ignite the Fire Within  
  The program made a huge difference…. It made them motivated, charged and energetic to deliver great performance  ….it charged the people to make a difference and stretch to deliver ….The participants still mention the value that the program added.  
Sarbani Sengupta, Director – Customer Service, DHL
  ….an amazing & versatile trainer, energy & dynamism gets participants into a learning/ accepting mode and impacts in a big way ….has left an imprint on people’s minds ….leaves people stirred and has been transformational ....people working & relating to each other better than prior to this initiative  
Shabnam Roy, Head – Learning & Development, Intelenet Global Services
"It was absolutely fantastic listening to you for two days. To ensure that our employees are motivated and excited about their jobs and more importantly develop a positive angle of looking at things. I will pass the message to our senior management on the effectiveness and impact of your training programs. I personally look forward to be a part of more such enriching sessions from you."
Jeevan Kumar, Head Web development Intelenet Global
The Business Leadership training program conducted by you was one of the best programs which I have attended so far in my life. Though some of the concepts shared by you were covered in earlier such programs, your unique presentation style brought them out ever more strongly than before. Thank you very much for helping us to get some very valuable insights into organizational behavior and leadership.
  Upendra Lele, Delivery Head – Mfg IT, Geometric Ltd  
“…. The whole audience was enthralled by the energy and manner you conducted the session.…. the simple facts of life which we tend to forget was awesome. People carried a lot of positive energy from this session….. We will definitely work together to spread the positive energy….. “
  Nilanjan Ghose, Khaitan & Co.  
“The best program I have ever attended. The trainer has great knowledge and experience.”
G. Sarojini, Module Lead, Liquid Hub
  “An awesome program which has ignited the fire within and sent us the strong message to live life king size.”  
  Syed Khadir, Liquid Hub  
  Appreciative Inquiry  

Thank you Team Potentia. AI did help me to stir and discover my team's capabilities and potential. In fact, I know my colleagues much better now.


“I am enriched as an individual because AI is a philosophy not a tool. This is very essential & relevant in our everyday life."

Nilankur, Sr. Manager HR, Johnson Controls Limited
“The program is beneficial for those who come with an objective to “Know Themselves" as it opens the mind to possibilities”
Sudhir, Sr. Manager, ADP
“I never found myself with so much energy level after seeing the environment with fresh perspective of appreciative inquiry. I think a single flame of positive energy sufficient to destroy the negativity of Darkness. I realized my power and potential and try to spread this across environment.”
Amit Jagdish Trivedi, TCL
“Let me make it straight and simple – AWESOME”
  Kusumba Sridhar, MD, KioskMint  
“I got great insights that I'll apply both on the personal and professional front enjoyed every moment of the program.”
  Anirban Goswami, Consultant & Leadership Trainer  
  The experience opened up self introspection… to view things positively…Appreciative Inquiry is an effective tool to understand and correct oneself…….  
  H Satya Murthy, Vice President, Axis Bank  
  This program should be held in each & every school, institution or college for imparting more knowledge & training to the teachers. With the help of this program we can develop a positive approach in ourselves. Thank you for training us!  
  Divya, Teacher, TCDAVPS  
  Thank you for giving us new vision and an energy to look at the world with new eyes and positive attitude. Not only in our teaching profession but in each and every aspect of our life this works as a lamp, Spreading light of knowledge, oneness in everybody's life.  
  Sandhya R, Teacher, TCDAVPS  
  A philosophy of life, a methodology condensed into 2 days and yet empowering. A powerful, must have capsule.  
  Arati, Manager - Talent Management, Nokia  
  "A beautiful journey of experiencing my positive emotions and looking at the brighter side of life"  
  Ameet Mattn, Principal Consultant OD, St Micro Electronics.  
  Generative Collaboration  
  “Was extremely relevant. Situations and questions were simple and made everyone think down to the psychological level and revisit interpersonal relations.”  
  Aneesh, Director, Market Tools  
  “ The program gave us insight regarding coordination and cohesiveness between us and what we need to inculcate to achieve work life balance.”  
  Sushant, ASC Head, Axis Bank  
  Team Building  
“It is one of the best program that we have attended undoubtedly.”

D.Srivalli, HR Head, Ascendas

“A very effective learning experience, an eye opener in some respects and an icebreaker too.”  

Uma Pillai, MD, TISL

"…the great amount of awareness & training… imparted for our fellow colleagues at  UTI Worldwide (India) Pvt Ltd is magnificent… the training process “Josh”… conducted all over UTI- India offices.  We found method of training is not only exceptionally good but very lively and encouraging and, our employees look forward be trained by him."
  Rajiv A  Bhatnagar Managing Director, UTi  
The training session was excellent and covered topics, which touch the dormant portion of the brain. Entire content was very relevant. I feel I am fortunate enough to attain this valuable training. The training had succeeded in conducting an open brain surgery. In future, I request you to include my name whenever Mr Suresh is conducting the training. Its worth is equivalent to attending an IIM lecture.
  Rakesh Kacchwah, Manager-prepaid, Tata Tele Services  
“… can hold the attention of large groups of people, and is able to touch each one of them so that each person leaves with a sense of having gained something positive at the end of every session…high degree of humility …examples are very simple and practical, devoid of jargon. Some of the subjects covered have found great resonance within our organization include conflict management, motivation, and getting to know colleagues…”
  Mukund Rajan, MD, Tata Teleservices Maharashtra  
  “As adults we tend to believe that our tenure/ experience has given us all that we can learn - workshops like these are very important to reopen the book of learning, expand our thought process and hence introspect to be better individuals”  
  Manish M, VP – Operations, HSBC  
  ECR Masterclass  
  Truly a master class. Eye opening, Re-enforcing and a practical program. A must for Change Managers, critical tool to implement change both in professional & personal life  
Rohit Khosla, Director – Operations, Taj Samundra
  An eye opener to know about self. Refreshing program to approach self development. Good opportunity to learn the essence of emotional intelligence. Pathway to pursue coaching  
Mala Singh, Senior Vice President, Graver & Weil (I) Ltd.
  …EI program is an eye opener….helped us know ourselves better and gave a chance to improve our style of functioning in our day to day life.  
Vineet Agarwal, VP-HR, Axis Bank
  A concise guide cum journey about knowing self….explored new things about the most interesting & unique person on the earth- ME  
Wriddhirjit Bandyopadhyay, Tata Chemicals
  It's a very engaging session…allows one to explore & discover the real 'ME'.  
  Priya, GM – Corp. HR, Tata Motors  
  This programme has helped to greater insights and tangible action plans for personal & professional growth & development for long time in future.  
  Ullhas, Head L & D, John Deere