The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it
~William James
~William James

Senior Consultant

Neha works on the Organizational Development assignments across client industries. Neha designs, anchors and facilitate learning & development opportunities particularly in the area of positive psychology and human process labs She has a penchant for and is deeply interested in supporting learning through process of reflection, inquiry and dialogue.


Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Sensitivity training, Behavioral survey design.

About Neha

Neha is a Senior Consultant based out of Hyderabad office. She specializes in the Organizational Development Consulting, particularly in the field of Positive psychology and sensitivity labs – an experiential methodology of understanding human processes leading to better self awareness, interpersonal dynamics etc. some of the most important ingredients for success.

Working with Potentia since its inception in 2007, Neha has worked with clients across countries and nationalities particularly in the field of Emotional Intelligence & Positive Psychology. She is a believer in the Appreciative Inquiry principle ‘words create worlds’ – the language that we use, shapes the culture we lead and how each choice one makes can lead to greater creativity, openness and togetherness.

Neha is passionate about people development, transformation and growth. She has a penchant for and is deeply interested in supporting learning through process of reflection, inquiry and dialogue. Neha enjoys listening to people share their stories of successes, which fans her passion for work. She truly believes that people need to be heard, understood and valued to help them achieve their potential.

Neha is a certified coach of Emotional Capital Report, Caliper Trait Profiling, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and exposed to a range of psychometric applications. She has used these tools, employee engagement and other feedback mechanisms for analysis and perspective building especially in her assignment with clients in IT, ITES, retail, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, speciality services, financial-services, infrastructure and power. During last 3 years she has worked with a diversified group, where she along with a team of facilitators worked closely with around 650 managers across various levels positively impacting/ transforming the organizational culture and leadership capability. She is a ‘closet coach’ and hopes to use coaching more frequently in her interventions.

Prior to joining Potentia, Neha has worked with Ma foi Management Consultant (now Randstad) at their India & Sri Lanka offices and also with Manisha Mandir (an orphanage) enabling her to deeply understand & engage with human dynamics and diversity.

Psychology graduate with post-graduation in HR & Organizational Development from prestigious Delhi School of Economics; Neha brings over 15 years of experience across geographies & cultures.

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